Cover Art


This page shows my cover creation process from concept to finished cover. I used Amazon’s CoverCreator to add the titles to the finished artwork [see final picture]

The fictional All Souls Church from Andy Griffith was the inspiration for the cover’s rendition of Soul’s Harbor. The similarity of the church names in coincidental; I wrote the initial draft of Johnny long before I started considering cover art. I found this picture with its tall cross-tipped steeple and was surprised to find that it belonged in fictional Mayberry, NC.

Original cover concept. I altered the vehicle to look more like Johnny’s ’87 K-Car.
The original saucer sketch. I wanted something reminiscent of the classic sci-fi film Earth VS The Flying Saucers. I overlaid this saucer atop my initial saucer sketch [see next].

Blending a black and white photo with a pencil drawing took a bit of effort, to say the least. I eliminated the background and rendered the church as a drawing, eliminating unnecessary detail.

First render of front cover without titles. While this saucer-to-steeple scene takes place in the morning in the book, I inserted a star-filled sky into the background because I just liked how it looked.

Color rough with titles
This is the final cover. I used Amazon’s CoverCreator to add the back cover description and titles. [Click on this picture to see a larger image]
411zFy7xHPL._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_In 2017, I gave Johnny a brand new cover.

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