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smashwordsWell, my 3 month term with Amazon’s KDP Select is over. While I’ve given away a lot of free Kindle books [which gave me a lot of exposure], I’m not sure that trading exclusivity with the world’s largest e-retailer was worth sacrificing a broader distribution base. Fortunately, I’m now free to explore other options.

Johnny Came Home is still available on Amazon, but now that I’ve dropped KDP Select I’ve uploaded it to Smashwords.

That’s really, really good news for those of you who don’t own a Kindle. Smashwords offers .mobi [for Kindle devices and apps], ePub [Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions, others], HTML, PDF, RTF, LRF [for older model Sony Readers that don’t support .epub], Palm Doc [PDB, for Palm reading devices], Javascript and Plain Text.

Check it out at:


As many of you already know, Johnny Came Home was self-published on Sept 28, 2012!

We’re very excited obviously… and we’ve been so involved with promoting it that we forgot to update the website!

For those of you just tuning in, Johnny Came Home is an action-packed apologetics sci-fi novel filled with epic battles, zombies, comic book gadgets, flying saucers, conspiracy theories, and Biblical truth! While this book addresses issues pertaining to Biblical authority, creation versus evolution and racism, when I say it’s action packed, I mean it. I set out to write the kind of novel I would normally pick up at a secular bookstore but without the secular worldview!

In fact, one reader has this to say about Johnny Came Home:

“For some reason, the book reminds me of Transformers. Probably the nonstop action, explosions, and destruction.”

So basically if you’re a bit weary of going to the local Christian bookstores only to be greeted by wave after wave of historical and Amish romance novels, you’re gonna want to do yourself a favor and buy yourself of copy of Johnny Came Home today.

So far, this book is available in two formats: paperback and and Kindle.

Those of you who like the feel of a good book in your hands as your read, can head over to or the Amazon-powered eStore to buy your copy for only $12.95. Here’s the link:

Kindle users can download the eBook on Amazon at If you need a little nudge, simply take advantage of the Try It Free option on the righthand menu on that Amazon Kindle page to read the first 5 1/2 chapters. I pretty much guarantee you’ll want to read the rest!

God bless and enjoy the book!

Tony Breeden

Recently, I made the decision to self-publish through Amazon’s CreateSpace. It wasn’t because i don’t want picked up by a traditional publisher. It wasn’t because I wanted to skip the oh-so-crucial refinement process.

I made the decision because I had reached that point where you just kind of know you’re done. The book is finished. It’s time to stop tweaking and take it to the next level. I made the decisioon because I really feel like this book needs to be out there and with all of the options available these days, it seems silly to wait around doing this thing the way we’ve always done it simply because it’s the way we’ve always done it. I sometimes tell people that my name is “Y Not?” spelled backwards, so why not just dive in, eh?

In any case, I uploaded my file with one of CreateSpace’s templates, added my cover file and then ordered a proof. In case you aren’t familiar with that term, a proof is a printed version of your book that shows you what it will look like when its published. In other words, its your book with the word Proof emblazoned across one of the back pages. If you approve it, that’s what your book will look like. If you see something amiss, you get to fix it and order another proof.

The first proof had a cover image flaw. The image I submitted was the wrong size, so they cropped the picture. That left me with a church steeple with a pole sticking out of the top instead of a cross!

I’m on Proof #2 now and I just discovered that I’ll be on #3. Why? Because when I converted my .doc file to a PDF after my edits, it added an extra blank page in the middle of my document. I didn’t catch it until after I ordered my proof. The crazy thing was that my page numbering stopped at the blank page and then STARTED OVER again! Obviously, this made my Table of Contents a joke and, well, it just looks unprofessional to have the page numbering start all over from 1 in the middle of the book.  I fixed it by emilinating the page manually and then converting the .doc to an .xml before converying it to a PDF. I have no idea why this worked. All I know is that it did and that I did it on a whim. Thank you God for inspiration!

If Proof #3 turns out OK, Johnny Came Home will be published within the week!