“This is an all holds barred, thrills ‘n ’spills, non-stop, white knuckle ride of an action adventure. I was gripped from the first page by the author’s effortless, fluid writing style, and the fact that he throws us into the action from the off. Back story, essential to the complicated plot line, is drip fed to us as and when we need it, so we are never bogged down by boring, clunky paragraphs of narrative that we just want to skip over… there is so much non-stop action, that I had to keep stopping and put the book down, just to come up for air.” – Ali Isaac [Goodreads review]

“This is a very action-packed adventure, with comic book style characters who have super-powers. Normally this is not my style of book, but the odd Christian angle made it particularly intriguing. The character development was well done. The main character is a complex and evolving, sort of dark hero that evokes a sense of sympathy and identification in the reader. New characters are introduced in a way that keeps the story moving, without being confusing. This was a skillfully written story, revealing just enough to keep you interested.” –Anthea Carson [Goodreads review]

“I finished “Johnny Came Home” by Tony Breeden yesterday. What a fun story! If you like comic books or superheroes, I highly recommend this book to you. I’m looking forward to future adventures featuring main character John Lazarus.” – Joe Westbrook, co-author of the Truth Chronicles [Facebook comment]

From its opening line, Johnny Came Home draws you into the world of its reluctant, damaged, and super-charged hero. And what a fast paced, dark, and intriguing world it is! Author Tony Breeden lays a firm foundation for what I hope will be a series of novels… What follows is an exciting adventure that I would describe as X-men meets James Bond with just a touch, believe it or not, of To Kill a Mockingbird thrown in. Breeden skillfully weaves a story that, while leaving you breathless with ever-escalating action still takes the time to develop a rather large cast of characters… I loved the ending of this book! Seriously, I could hear the theme music playing in my head. It is a satisfying, complete story in itself that still leaves just enough unanswered questions, just enough teasers thrown in to leave me looking forward, with great anticipation, to the next installment, John Lazarus: Mann from Midwich!” – Allan Reini, author of Flight of the Angels (Amazon review – rating: 5 stars)

“This was an awesome book with a mixture of action and personal relationships. It included sound biblical truths without being preachy. It definitely leaves you wanting a followup. The characters are well rounded and believable. Tony has a unique writing style that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I couldn’t put it down!” -“Lady Ace” (Amazon review – 5 stars)

“I hope Tony Breeden hooks up with a graphic artist to make a graphic novelization of Johnny Came Home. But sparing that, I hope the [subtitle] “(A John Lazarus Adventure)means a sequel is coming, or better yet, a series. Johnny Came Home is a delightful read with many plot twists and surprises. Breeden so brings it home!”GK Powderly Jr, author of The Windows of Heaven series. (Amazon review – rating: 5 stars)

“Tony Breeden has created an adventure that addresses many of the most important issues that face every generation. Johnny Came Home teaches lessons on responsibility, acceptance, exclusion, & loyalty from a Godly perspective. I highly recommend this book for adventure spirited people that want stories that have good nuggets of Biblical principles!” -“Buddy Dempsey ” (Amazon review – 5 stars)

“…an action-packed story full of surprises. The action, once it begins, is almost non-stop all the way to the end of the book. You won’t want to put it down.” – Buddy Helms, author of Mike’s New Reality (Amazon review – 4 stars)

“This is an action packed novel, the action starts near the beginning and never lets up, and continues to ramp up in intensity as it draws towards its finale. And it is a most enjoyable ride, I found it difficult to put down, wondering how on earth the characters would overcome the seemingly invincible agents of Pandora.
The author explores the concepts of the unmapped areas of the human brain/mind. What if we could use other areas of the 90% or so of our minds? Could we develop X-Men style abilities? Would we in fact still even be human? Is survival of the fittest justifiable amongst humans? These last two questions are examined in the light of solid Biblical teachings which are an integral part of the story (not preaching), giving us a quantifiable yardstick to measure them against.” Peter R. Stone, author of A Knight from Dein (Amazon review – 4 stars)

“For some reason, the book reminds me of Transformers. Probably the nonstop action, explosions, and destruction… I finished it two days after I got it.” – Lelia F. (Facebook comment)

“This book kept my interest and there was always something new popping up around the corner. At first the book seemed really simple, and the plot rather easy to follow. However, as I got farther into it the book became more complex and harder to predict. There is a cliffhanger at the end of the book, and a sequel to follow. I would be interested in reading it if I had an opportunity. ” – Ashley (Amazon review – rating: “4.5” stars)


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