About the Series

A Different Kind of Hero

When I began writing the John Lazarus Adventures, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to provide more than just an entertaining read.

I was browsing local Christian bookstores, just bored out of my mind. With few exceptions, I was looking an endless sea of romance novels, marketed at women. I’m a guy, so I’m into science fiction, fantasy and action thrillers. I remember thinking, “Why should I be forced to get the stuff I actually enjoy reading from secular bookstores in novels written from a non- or even anti-Christian worldview?”

The success of the Left Behind series demonstrated how influential exploratory fiction can be in shaping and reinforcing beliefs concerning eschatology. I realized that apologetics fiction could do the same for evangelical convictions concerning our origins. With that in mind, I set out to tell a great sci-fi story that gives a plausible young earth creationist explanation of comic book super powers rather than the prevalent evolutionary assumption of beneficial mutations, popularized in the X-Men movies and on TV shows like Heroes.

Of course, I basically transcribe a movie that plays in my head, so the books are action-packed and fast-paced.

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  1. Rod Carty says:

    What’s the status on this book now? Last I saw you were hoping to have it on Amazon last summer. Are you considering publishing in e-book formats too?

    • Thank you for asking, Rod.

      I’ve been a bit busy lately, but Johnny Came Home is still very much a go. We’re going through the final edits and considering illustrating it [it is based on comic book heroes, after all]. Hopefully, we’ll be able to announce a new publish date soon.

      And, yes, we are considering publishing in eBook formats as well.

      Thanks again and stay tuned,
      Tony Breeden

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