Johnny Came Home

The John Lazarus Adventures follow the twists and turns Johnny and his friends [super powered and otherwise] take in the Appalachian town of Midwich (and beyond) as they try to foil a plot to take over the world. Currently, Johnny Came Home, published September 2012, is the only title in this series, but two more books are in the works: Mann from Midwich and Elementus.

Three years after the fire that took his home and his family, John Lazarus returns to the town of Midwich searching for answers to why he can do extraordinary things no one’s ever seen outside of a comic book. Is he human? Alien? Something more? The answers lie within the Titan complex that overshadows Midwich. But someone else wants Titan’s secrets too and will stop at nothing to make sure that she alone possesses them. Find out more in Johnny Came Home: A John Lazarus Adventure.

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Praise for Johnny Came Home

“This is an all holds barred, thrills ‘n ’spills, non-stop, white knuckle ride of an action adventure. I was gripped from the first page by the author’s effortless, fluid writing style, and the fact that he throws us into the action from the off. …there is so much non-stop action, that I had to keep stopping and put the book down, just to come up for air.”
Ali Isaac, author of The Four Treasures of Eirean

“What a fun story! If you like comic books or superheroes, I highly recommend this book to you.”
Joe Westbrook, co-author of the Truth Chronicles

“From its opening line, Johnny Came Home draws you into the world of its reluctant, damaged, and super-charged hero. And what a fast paced, dark, and intriguing world it is! …What follows is an exciting adventure that I would describe as X-men meets James Bond with just a touch, believe it or not, of To Kill a Mockingbird thrown in.”
Allan Reini, author of Flight of the Angels

“It’s not always easy to find an author who can create an entire world of people, places and machinery that you can just close your eyes and envision so clearly as if you were watching a movie, so it is a testament to the kind of author Tony Breeden is that I can say his writing created that vision perfectly for me. I thought Johnny Came Home may be more of a book for males and that I wouldn’t enjoy it a whole lot, but I loved every page of this book and would highly recommend it for anyone to read, be it male or female I think everyone would love it!”
Lisa Smith, Review from Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mom

“Christian Sci fi?? I was unsure of what to expect, but what a thrilling story. Action packed from the very beginning with enough mystery and suspense to keep you hooked and turning the pages… I highly recommend this book to any sci-fi and comic fan.”
LM Steel, author of Baby Driver

“Johnny Came Home is a delightful read with many plot twists and surprises. Breeden so brings it home!”
GK Powderly Jr, author of The Windows of Heaven series.

“…an action-packed story full of surprises. The action, once it begins, is almost non-stop all the way to the end of the book. You won’t want to put it down.”
Buddy Helms, author of Mike’s New Reality

“This is an action packed novel, the action starts near the beginning and never lets up, and continues to ramp up in intensity as it draws towards its finale. And it is a most enjoyable ride, I found it difficult to put down, wondering how on earth the characters would overcome the seemingly invincible agents of Pandora.
Peter R. Stone, author of A Knight from Dein

“I had to take it out of the bathroom. I had to find out what happens next.”
Greg Breeden, my brother …and this is probably my favorite review!

Just for Fun!

For a quick look at the types of Super Powers featured in the John Lazarus Adventures, go HERE.

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Review/Interview Requests

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